“American Hustle” Producers Sued for Microwave Scene Dialogue

By on November 4, 2014

Scientist and environmental field author Paul Brodeur filed a lawsuit in California state court against Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. and other producers of the movie “American Hustle” for allegedly damaging his reputation with inaccurate dialogue regarding his views on the health risks associated with microwaves.

The dialogue referred to in the lawsuit includes the following statements made by Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Rosalyn, while arguing with her husband, Irving:
“You know, I read that [the microwave oven] takes all of the nutrition out of our food. It’s empty, just like your deals. Empty, empty.”

Irving allegedly disputes that claim, Rosalyn replies, “I read it in an article.” Holding up a magazine, she adds, “Look, by Paul Brodeur.”

Brodeur claims that he never said microwaves take the nutrition out of food and even points to 1978 interview with People magazine in which he states that there are no dangers in eating microwaved food.

“As a direct and proximate result of the false and defamatory publications of defendants … plaintiff has been exposed to hatred, contempt, ridicule or disgrace, and plaintiff has tended to suffer injury and losses as an author in the environmental field,” states the complaint.

Brodeur is demanding $1 million in compensatory damages and an injunction removing his name from any copies of the film distributed to the public.

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