Bose Accused in Class Action of Gathering and Transmitting Customer Listening Data

By on April 20, 2017

Upscale speaker and headphone company Bose was sued in Chicago federal court for secretly collecting and transmitting via its Bose Connect app the listening information to third parties.

The Bose Connect smartphone app is the companion app to Bose’s wireless Bluetooth headphones and speaker. The app functions as the controller between the audio content and the hardware.

According to the complaint, Bose improperly gathers and shares with third parties, such as data-mining companies, the user’s listening selections and other private information about private listening.

By letting third parties know what the user is listening to, app transmits a user’s listening choices, from music to podcasts and radio, which can convey the customer’s political beliefs, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, personal issues and other deeply sensitive information.

According to the complaint, Bose does not disclose its data collection and transmission practices and does not obtain user consent to do so. The legal claims are that the conduct violates the federal Wiretap Act, the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute and the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practice Act.