Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Hyundai Hid Renewal Fees for Built-In Communication System

By on February 11, 2015

Hyundai Motor America was accused of falsely advertising its Blue Link Telematics System as a standard feature in its vehicles and then subsequently advising car owners that they were required to pay a subscription fee for the built-in communication system or it would be permanently disabled.


“Defendant Hyundai made numerous material misrepresentations with regard to the Blue Link Telematics System, including that purchasers of Hyundai vehicles equipped with the Blue Link Telematics System were receiving functioning Blue Link Telematics System hardware that would continue to be functional for the life of the vehicle and that owners could reactivate the Blue Link subscription service at any time for a nominal reactivation fee,” the complaint alleged.


The Blue Link system provides Hyundai owners with navigation assistance, automatic emergency roadside assistance after a crash, remote operation of certain vehicle features and self-diagnostic vehicle reports.


Hyundai advised owners whose Blue Link systems had been inactive for more than a year as of January 7 that their communication systems would become permanently disabled if not reactivated by January 15.  Those owners who did not reactivate by January 15 would be required to pay a minimum amount of $500 for hardware installation if they later decided to have a functional Blue Link Telematics System in their vehicle.


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