Class Action Lawsuit Claims Kashi Products Are Mislabeled

By on April 19, 2013

Kashi Co. products are mislabeled to conceal the true amount of sugar they contain, a class action lawsuit filed in California federal court claims.  A California plaintiff alleges Kashi, and its parent Kellogg Company Inc., violated several consumer laws by labeling Kashi products as containing “evaporated cane juice” rather than sugar.

“Nearly all of Kashi’s products’ labels list ‘evaporated cane juice’ as an ingredient despite the fact that the FDA has specifically warned companies not to use the term because it is ‘false and misleading,’ is not ‘the common or usual name of any type of sweetener,’ and the ingredient is not, in fact, juice,” the class action lawsuit states.

The lawsuit emphasizes that Kashi is cognizant of the growing preference for natural, healthy and nutrition foods, and has undertaken inappropriate and deceptive marketing tactics to profit from the increased demand.

A similar lawsuit was recently filed against Trader Joe’s, alleging the supermarket mislabels food items to mask the quantity of sugar, preservatives and added colors.