Connecticut Investigates Potential Violations and Impact of Unauthorized Lenovo Adware

By on March 3, 2015

Connecticut AG George Jepsen is investigating Lenovo in connection with the Superfish Visual Discovery tracking software that Lenovo pre-installs on laptops, which may undermine computer users’ online security and privacy. Superfish allegedly tracks users’ web searching and browsing to post ads on the sites they visit and may also enable hackers to access users’ computers.
“These alarming revelations raise concerns that Lenovo may have seriously undermined computer users’ online security and privacy,” stated Jepsen.
It also raises the question of whether Lenovo failed to apprise purchasers of computers that they had sold them computers pre-loaded with Superfish. Lenovo’s chief technology officer,
Peter Hortensius, admitted the company “messed up badly.”
“It’s extremely concerning that, based on published reports, Lenovo installed this software – which appears to have no meaningful benefit to the consumer – on devices without the purchaser’s knowledge,” Jepsen said in announcing the inquiry.
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