Diet Supplement OxyELITE Pro Causes Liver Failure, Hepatitis

By on October 10, 2013

Diet supplement producer USPLabs is halting nationwide selling of the diet pill OxyELITE Pro after a large number of liver failure reports were found to be linked to the supplement, Hawaii News Now reported.

The declaration was made soon after the Hawaii Department of Health demanded the “voluntary removal” of OxyELITE Pro from Hawaii stores, and requested consumers to discontinue any ingestion of the diet supplement.  Hawaii DOH said 24 recent cases of liver damage across the state, including one death, were associated with OxyELITE Pro.

In total, 29 instances of liver failure and acute hepatitis have been identified in Hawaii, over the previous six months, associated with dietary supplements. The Department of Health was resistant to name the precise supplement, however they now admit that at least 24 people had been using OxyELITE Pro.

“No other supplement or medication has been identified in common among more than two patients,” Dr. Sarah Park, the state epidemiologist, said in a statement.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned consumers earlier this year to be careful when using supplements containing dimethylamylamine (DMAA), including OxyELITE Pro.  In response, OxyELITE Pro declared that the “original version with DMAA has not been manufactured or distributed since early 2013.”

OxyELITE Pro was marketed throughout the United States, but all of the known hospitalizations happened in Hawaii. Nevertheless, health specialists have not yet identified the specific way the pills could have caused these side effects.

A 48-year-old mother of seven lost her life after taking OxyELITE Pro, Hawaii News Now reported.  Based on her family’s account, Sonnette Marras began taking the pills as a diet solution but started to feel ill shortly thereafter.  She was placed into a medically induced coma and needed a liver transplant, but was unable to receive one after doctors identified that she had breast cancer.

Supplement retailer GNC sent a letter to Hawaii News Now with the following statements:

• OxyELITE Pro is a third party product, distributed by USP Labs, that is widely sold through numerous retailers and internet sites across the country.
• USP Labs has warranted to GNC that the product is safe for consumption and compliant with all applicable laws.
• GNC is not aware of any scientific or medical evidence that establishes that the OxyELITE Pro product is unsafe.
• The FDA has not asked USP Labs to recall the OxyELITE Pro product.
• Nonetheless, GNC will voluntarily remove the OxyELITE Pro product from sale in its Hawaii stores during this investigation.

One GNC retailer in Hawaii told the Department of Health that it would not pull the product.

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