Do Performance Bracelets Provide Athletic and Health Benefits?

By on February 21, 2013

Certain manufacturers of performance bracelets, including LifeStrength Edge Series, claim that their bracelets improve athletic performance, strength, balance, and flexibility.  LifeStrength Edge Series bracelets are marketed as “the vitamin you wear” and claim to provide a “performance advantage that far exceeds the scope of typical balance, strength and flexibility testing.”  LifeStrength bracelets also claim to provide the “energy stimulation you need in the daytime and the balancing effects of ion normalization to produce restful, rejuvenating sleep at night”.

lawsuit filed against Power Balance, a company that produced similar products, eventually led to admissions that there was no credible scientific evidence supporting such claims.  The action provided consumers with a monetary recovery in settlement.

Additional manufacturers of performance bracelets include:

  • Energy Armour
  • Trion-Z
  • I-Renew
  • Air Iron
  • EFX
  • C-Prime
  • XPB
  • Phiten