Lies to Table: Journalist Exposes Sham Claims In Florida

By on April 21, 2016

In an article in the Tampa Bay Times, reporter Laura Reiley discusses the results of her months-long investigation into the truth behind farm-to-table advertising in Tamba Bay restaurants. In short: there’s lots of truth stretching.

Farm-to-table, and the “buy local” movement has been enormously popular for the last couple of years. The notion appeals to many consumers seeking an antidote to corporate, mass-produced food. Local food is supposed to be better for the environment (less transport), healthier, and better economically for the local community.  With people willing to pay more for locally produced food, restaurants have slapped the “farm-to-table” badge on their restaurants as a marker of quality.

The article investigated many such restaurants in Tamba Bay, finding that many “local” claims were false or exaggerated: