LifeVantage (LFVN) Shares Fall on Recall Announcement

By on December 6, 2012

Shares of LifeVantage Corporation (NASDAQ: LFVN) fell 16% today after announcing a voluntary recall of its Protandim product, the Nrf2 Synergizer(R), a dietary supplement.

The San Diego-based health and nutrition company said it is being proactive in its recall decision due to the potential inclusion of minute metal remnants in the product.  The remains were initially identified in batches of turmeric extract, an ingredient in Protandim that was purchased from a third party supplier.  LifeVantage predicts that the gross expenditure of the recall could be as high as $7 million, which it anticipates to affect the company’s second fiscal quarter results.

The recalled lots displayed below were sold between July and November 2012.

Lot #   Expiration Date
12-0258   7/2/2015
12-0259   7/3/2015
12-0292   7/9/2015
12-0294   7/11/2015
12-0295   7/12/2015
12-0304   7/18/2015
12-0306   8/16/2015
12-0307   8/17/2015
12-0373   8/21/2015
12-0382   9/21/2015


Consumers who are in possession of Protandim from the specified lot numbers are advised by the company to stop using the supplement.

At least one law firm has published a press release announcing an investigation, on behalf of shareholders, into whether LifeVantage violated federal securities laws.

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