Nest To Shut Down Revolv-Branded Home Devices

By on April 6, 2016

Connected-home pioneer Nest has announced that it will kill-off home automation hub products bearing the Revolv name, a company nest acquired approximately 18 months ago.  Nest itself is now owned by Google (Alphabet).

Nest is an industry leader in home automation, selling home thermostats, smoke alarms and cameras that can be controlled remotely through smart phones and other computers.

In 2014, Nest bought a competing company called Revolv that sold connected home hubs allowing users to remotely control various connected home functions, such as garage doors, lights, and air conditioners.

In February 2016, Revolv announced that it will be shutting down its operations and that as of May 15, 2016, Revolv hubs (which cost approximately $300) and apps will cease to work:

This decision by a company to stop supporting a product is sometimes referred to as “bricking”, and is fairly common with computers and smartphones. In most cases the “bricked” usually means a company will no longer actively support a product, such as a long-outdated operating system, but the product in these situations will often retain some functionality.   Revolv’s decision amounts to a decision to kill off all product functionality, and occurs little more than a year after Revolv stopped selling hubs.

This has predictably angered consumers that bought a Revolv hub, angering consumers and, according to some sources, prompting Nest to consider offering compensation to Revolv hub purchasers: