Optimum Nutrition Settles Misleading Claims Lawsuit

By on March 11, 2013

Consumers have reached a class action settlement with Optimum Nutrition, ending a lawsuit about the company’s use of the ingredient Aminogen in their protein powder. The settlement provides as much as $48 to consumers who are eligible.

The settlement will end the case, titles Attlesey et. Al. v. Optimum Nutrition Inc., which alleged that Optimum made false and/or misleading claims about the effectiveness of the enzyme Aminogen, which it used in its protein powder. While the company had advertised that Aminogen had the ability to improve one’s digestion and increase users’ level of amino acids, the complaint alleged that these claims were not based on reliable or competent scientific evidence.

While the company denies the allegations in the complaint, they are agreed to set up a fund of $1.4 million to reimburse consumers, and end litgation.