Personal Data Is So Easy To Steal, Prices Are At All Time Lows

By on April 7, 2016

When most consumers imagine the marketplace for stolen personal the picture thumb drives changing hands in seedy back alleys, or sold online in chat room equivalents. In fact, the marketplace for stolen identity data has evolved and today resembles a consumer online shopping experience, with snazzy websites presenting a menu of available items: social security numbers, IP addresses, U.S. media accounts, social media accounts.

The marketplace has become so competitive that criminal sellers distinguish themselves through customer service, offering 24-hour support, freebies, hacking tutorials, and package deals.  The ease with which personal data can be stolen has spawned a buyer’s market, with declining prices– a package of personal data can today be had for $15 each, a 50% off sale to 2014 prices.

With business booming, can an IPO be far behind?