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   1.  Overdraft Fee Bonanza For Big Banks
   2.  Act Now To Protect Your Constitutional Right To Fight Back Against Corporate Wrongdoing
   3.  Loan-Care Force Placed Insurance Settlement
   4.  WARNING: St. Jude’s Medical Warns of Potential Premature Battery Depletion In Installed Defibrillators (pacemakers)
   5.  Dodge Trucks Accused Of Understating Diesel Emissions
   6.  Yahoo’s “500 Million Users Hacked” is Nothing — According to Insider It Was Twice That
   7.  Yahoo Announces Largest Data Breach Ever; 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked
   8.  Yahoo Expected To Announce Data Breach Affecting Hundreds of Millions
   9.  Wells Fargo Charged Customers for Unauthorized Bank and Credit Card Accounts
   10.  What Every Consumer Should Know About the Fair Credit Reporting Act
   11.  Medical Device Maker Warns Europeans of Infection Risk, Waits Three Years To Warn Americans
   12.  TransAmerica Sued Over Devestating Premium Hikes
   13.  Wendy’s Identifies 1,000 Restaurants Hit BY Data Breach
   14.  Pokemon Going Into Your GMAIL?
   15.  Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers, 6 Kids Killed
   16.  Credit Reporting Bureasus Take Top Complaints Prize At CFPB
   17.  MetLife Switched Tens of Thousands of Savers Into Worse Annuities, According to FINRA
   18.  Mitsubishi Reported Inflated Gas Mileage In Japanese Cars, EPA Orders New Testing of U.S. Models
   19.  GNC Sued In Class Action for Alleged Sham “Sale” Pricing
   20.  RECALL ALERT: Chrysler Recalls 1.1 Million Autos for “Roll Away” Dangers
   21.  Lies to Table: Journalist Exposes Sham Claims In Florida
   22.  Study Links Heartburn Medications (Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacis) to Kidney Disease
   23.  TD Bank’s Penny Arcade May Be Penny Foolish
   24.  Personal Data Is So Easy To Steal, Prices Are At All Time Lows
   25.  Nest To Shut Down Revolv-Branded Home Devices
   26.  Bumble Bee Recalls More Than 30,000 Cases Of Tuna Nationwide
   27.  Fitbit Sued For Inaccurate Heart Rate Measurement
   28.  Recall Alert: Trader Joe’s Recalls Cashews
   29.  Trader Joe Accused of Cheating Consumers On Tuna
   30.  The Bancorp Inc. To Refund Money To 21,000 Consumers In Settlement With FDIC
   31.  Not So Happy Holidays at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s: Retailers Accused of Sham Pricing
   32.  Milberg Files Homeowner Class Action Against Alleged Foreclosure Mill
   33.  FiOS Customer Discovers Verizon Censoring Emails with Hyperlinks
   34.  Amazon Delivery Drivers File Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit
   35.  RushCards Users Unable to Access Funds
   36.  DraftKings and FanDuel Accused of Fraud in Class Action Lawsuit Stemming From Scandal
   37.  Excellus Cyberattack May Compromised 10 million Insurance Records
   38.  Hackers Target PR Firms in 0M Insider Trading Scheme
   39.  FDA Prohibits Hampton Creek from Calling its Product “Mayonnaise”
   40.  FTC Settles False Advertising Claims Charges with Sellers of UV “Disinfectant” Devices
   41.  TelexFREE Pyramid Scheme Victims Receive .5M Fund
   42.  EPA Mine Investigation Causes Water Contamination in Colorado
   43.  Regulators Investigate Citibank Student Loan Servicing Practices
   44.  Schneiderman Investigates Apple for Allegedly Manipulating Music Streaming Service Competition
   45.  Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Banks of Conspiring to Manipulate Treasury Auctions
   46.  FTC Investigating GM for Misrepresenting Used Vehicles as Certified Pre-Owned
   47.  Ashley Madison Accused of Failing to Secure Client Privacy After Online Infidelity Site Hacked
   48.  Judge Rules that Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice Class Action Can Proceed
   49.  Cox Accused of Charging Cable Customers Hidden Fees
   50.  Google Chromium Unauthorized Audio Spying Capabilities Raises Privacy Concerns
   51.  Whole Foods Investigated for Overcharging on Pre-packaged Goods
   52.  California Tax Prep Operator Pleads Guilty for Conspiring in 8M Tax Refund Scheme
   53.  Bottled Water Sourced from PA Recalled for E. Coli
   54.  DOJ Probes Banks for Manipulating Treasuries Market
   55.  Tom’s of Maine and Colgate Accused of Falsely Advertising “Natural” Toothpaste
   56.  Deutsche Bank Agrees to Pay M to Settle SEC False Financial Report Charges
   57.  AT&T Accused of Failing to Pay Overtime
   58.  FTC Charges Supplement Marketers with False Weight Loss Claims
   59.  Qihoo 360 Technology Loses Certifications and Rankings for Anti-Virus Products
   60.  New York Attorney General Schneiderman Sues NY Tanning Salons for False Advertising
   61.  Trek Recalls 998,000 Bike for Safety Issues
   62.  PwC Settles MF Global Class Action Lawsuit for M
   63.  Teva Settles Generic Drug Delay Lawsuit for 2M
   64.  Vitamin Shoppe Pulls Supplements That Contain Amphetamine-Like Stimulants
   65.  FTC’s Data Throttling Case Against AT&T Moves Ahead Pursuant to Court Ruling
   66.  Lawsuit May Put DirecTV’s MLB and NHL Subscription Packages on Thin Ice
   67.  Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Home Test Kits
   68.  Milberg LLP Announces Investigation of Premera Blue Cross Cyberattack
   69.  CFPB Issues Report on Arbitration Clauses Governing Financial Products and Services
   70.  Connecticut Investigates Potential Violations and Impact of Unauthorized Lenovo Adware
   71.  DOJ Wins Anti-Competitive Case against AmEx over Merchant Steering Rules
   72.  FTC Accuses Viatek of Falsely Advertising Mosquito Repellent Wristbands
   73.  Defective Door Locks Alleged in Kia Optima Class Action
   74.  Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Hyundai Hid Renewal Fees for Built-In Communication System
   75.  Intuit Halts All State e-filings On Fraud Concerns
   76.  Anthem Insurance Data Breach Exposes Social Security Numbers, Income Data and Other Sensitive Personal Information of Millions of Customers and Employees’
   77.  PGA Tour Sued by Caddies for Share of Corporate Sponsor Ad Revenue
   78.  FTC Announces that Dog Waste Bags Claims of Biodegradable and Compostable May Be False
   79.   AG Investigation Indicates Herbal Supplement Products Don’t Contain Ingredient on Label
   80.  TracFone Settles with FTC for M over Alleged False Unlimited Data Ads
   81.  Lawsuit Claims that Muscle Milk Labels Misstate Protein Benefits
   82.  FXCM Downgraded in Wake of Swiss Franc Surge
   83.  Dish Network Found Liable for Millions of Telemarketing Violations
   84.  FTC Settles with Video Game Maker over Unfounded Cognition Claims
   85.  FTC Settles Charges against Children’s Speech Disorders Supplement Company
   86.  Anheuser-Busch Settles Suit Over Hidden US Origin of Kirin Beer
   87.  Petco Stops Selling Chinese Treats That May Sicken Pets
   88.  FEMA Waits 11 Months to Investigate Allegations of Forged Documents to Underpay Hurricane Sandy Claims
   89.  Morgan Stanley Fires Employee Suspected of Stealing Data on 350,000 Clients
   90.  FTC Settles Case with Maker of Derma Tend Wart Removal Product for False Solace Claims
   91.  Grocers Sued for Selling Frozen Re-baked Bread as Fresh
   92.  NCL Warns Consumers of Online Smart Phone Resale Fraud
   93.  Bayer AG Accused of Unfounded Brain Boost Claims for its Flintstones Gummies
   94.  California Prosecutors Accuse Uber of Illegal Business Practices
   95.  Sensa Consumers to Receive M in Refunds from FTC
   96.  Hartford Accused of Using Altered Reports to Deny Hurricane Sandy Homeowner Claims
   97.  Sony Cyber-Attack Leaks Employee SSN, DOB and Salary Data
   98.  FTC Settles Misleading Personal Health Data Collection Case with PaymentsMD
   99.  Sony Agrees to Settle FTC False Ad Charges for PlayStation Vita
   100.  NY Jury Finds Ex-Longtop CFO Liable in Class Action Trial

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