Study Links Popular Herbicide To Health Problems

By on April 26, 2013

In a recent report in the scientific journal Entropy, two researchers reported that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, the most popular herbicide in the U.S., may play an important role in the development of many illnesses.  Roundup is made and sold by agricultural giant Monsanto Company, which also makes genetically modified crops that are “Roundup Ready”, or resistant to the weed killer.  A recent spate of consumer cases have challenged the advertising of foods containing genetically modified crops as “natural.”

According to the researchers, Glyphosate inhibits the activity of enzymes, leading to a cascade of biochemical effects that may be responsible for a host of illnesses whose prevalence has grown over the past decades, alongside the increasing reliance of food production on glyphosate herbicides.  The researches say that glyphosate may play an important role in the rising rates of autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, liver disease, and certain cancers.

The researchers note that “While glyphosate is obviously not the only environmental toxin to contribute to these diseases and conditions, glyphosate’s ability to disrupt the gut bacteria, to impair serum transport of sulfate and phosphate, and to interfere with CYP enzymes, logically progresses to this multitude of diseased states, through well-established biological processes.” [link to study].

The researchers conclude by calling for governments to fund independent studies to evaluate the long term effects of Glyphosate.