Trader Joe Accused of Cheating Consumers On Tuna

By on January 7, 2016

In a consumer class action lawsuit filed in federal court in New York, consumers accuse the popular retailer of putting less tuna in its cans than it says on the label.

According to the suit, Trader Joe’s 5 ounce cans of tuna actually contain less than 3 ounces of tuna. Tests by the Atmospheric
Administration showed that 5-ounce cans of Trader Joe’s tuna contained an average of only 2.61 ounces of pressed tuna.

U.S. regulations specify how the content of tuna in cans is to be measured and according to the class action lawsuit Trader Joe’s cans contain significantly less tuna than the federally mandated minimum of 3.23 ounces for a 5 ounce can.

Consumers may be surprised to learn that the government allows a 5 ounce can of tuna to contain only 3.23 ounces of tuna: the reasoning is that leeway is needed to account for water weight.

Given this built-in leeway, if the allegations are true that Trader Joe’s skimped even more than the permissive standard allows is all the more surprising.

The particular products affected by the lawsuit are:

(i) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna in Water Salt Added,

(ii) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna in Water Half Salt,

(iii) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna in Water No Salt Added,

(iv) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil Salt Added,

(v) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Skipjack Tuna in Water With Sea Salt, and

(vi) 5-ounce canned Trader Joe’s Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil Solid Light.