Verizon Sued by Workers Seeking Overtime Pay

By on March 19, 2013

A former Verizon Wireless employee filed a class action complaint against the telecom company alleging she and her co-workers, who repeatedly worked overtime, were not properly compensated for their hours.  The action was filed in Pennsylvania federal court.

Specifically, the plaintiff who filed the complaint said she worked as a troubleshooter for corporate customers and was only paid for a portion of her overtime hours, which came out to about 10 hours per week.

The lawsuit claims Verizon “knowingly and intentionally failed to record and pay for overtime hours.”

Additionally, the plaintiff said she worked during her unpaid half-hour lunch break, which Verizon required, in order “to make sure she satisfied the productivity standards” of the employer.

The complaint also alleges that her bosses witnessed employees working extra hours and during lunch breaks, but refused to say anything.

The lawsuit is asking for time-and-a-half for all unpaid overtime Verizon Wireless employees who worked with the plaintiff between March 2010 and March 6, 2012.

The lawsuit, which is alleging violations of the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act and federal Fair Labor Standards Act, argues the case should be handled as a class action and is seeking penalties, damages and attorneys’ fees.