What are some examples of class action lawsuits?

By on January 4, 2013

Class action litigation occurs in many instances where numerous people have been damaged in a similar way.  Here are a few examples that may lead to a possible class action lawsuit:

  • Customers who bought defective merchandise, purchased items with false and misleading labels, or were damaged by unfair business practices committed by a company;
  • Shareholders who purchased or sold securities (stocks, bonds, financial instruments) in reaction to a false and misleading statement or document by the company.
  • Merchants and customers who overpay for items because of anti-competitive behavior and collusion among large companies;
  • Homeowners lose property value or incur medical problems because of a toxic spill in the neighborhood;
  • Employees subjected to racial, age or gender discrimination by their employer; and
  • Patients given a pharmaceutical with undisclosed, harmful side-effects.

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