What Is a Class Action Notice?

By on January 8, 2013

A class action notice is a text document that notifies the public when a class action complaint has been filed.  The notice supplies information regarding the company that is being sued or defendant, the motive for the action, and those who may benefit from the suit.  Additionally, a class action notice generally offers directives for class members on how to stay participants in the lawsuit, opt-out, or take an active function in the lawsuit by choosing their own attorneys.

In most instances, class action notices are provided to plaintiffs, also known as class action members, in a class action lawsuit.  This includes absent class members and individuals who were not aware that the class action lawsuit had been filed.

Different jurisdictions have different guidelines on how a class action notice should be delivered.  In many circumstances, a class action notice is sent through the mail.  In other situations, the court may require that plaintiffs are informed through email.  Notices can also be published in a widely-read newspaper or magazine.