What is a personal injury lawsuit?

By on January 16, 2013

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal proceeding brought by a plaintiff who has been harmed (either physically or emotionally) by another individual.  Injuries that result in lawsuits can happen on the job, while driving, on the street, in a store, or when using public transportation.  Sickness is also categorized as personal injury in occupation-related and industrial cases, from tension and angst to asbestosis and pulmonary disease.

Most personal injury actions are intended to receive damages for past and future medical expenses, lost pay, pain and anguish.  The most frequent types of personal injury lawsuits are car and truck accidents, sports injuries, work injuries, defective consumer products, carelessness and malpractice.  The following are sustained injuries that may harm an individual’s future: head trauma, spinal cord injury, back and neck injury, birth injury, knee injury, and paralysis.

On the job injuries may also result in personal injury lawsuits.  Employees can file a lawsuit seeking damages from exposure to toxic chemicals or dangerous materials, safety risks, and accidents due to unsafe equipment or neglect.

In instances where an injury happens at work, worker’s compensation may or may not cover all of a worker’s expenses.