Woman Files Lawsuit Against Bayer After Sustaining Mirena IUD Injury

By on March 28, 2013

An Arizona woman has filed a lawsuit, in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, against Bayer over claims that the company’s birth control system, Mirena IUD, caused her to sustain serious bodily injuries.

The plaintiff said in her complaint that the Mirena IUD she had placed into her body perforated her uterus and became embedded in her body.  Throughout several doctor visits, the plaintiff said she had been told that the birth control device was correctly placed inside of her, yet constant pain and cramping persisted, the complaint said.

After vomiting, the plaintiff was placed in a hospital where she was diagnosed with renal failure and a slow heartbeat.

“The long-term consequences of these injuries on Ms. Solano’s health are unknown at this time, which is a source of great anxiety for her,” the lawsuit states. “Additionally, Ms. Solano has significant out-of-pocket expenses for medical coverage and other costs associated with her Mirena-related problems.”

The product liability complaint alleges Bayer did not properly design, develop, manufacture, test, market, promote, distribute, advertise and sell Mirena to patients  The lawsuit also claims Bayer did not warn and instruct patients about the negative consequences of using Mirena and fraudulently concealed its defects.